New Morwick

New Morwick is he largest city in Azad and the home of the Triumvirate Coalition’s headquarters. The city was built over the once great stronghold of Morwick on the shore of the Inner Sea where Quelenna’s River flows into the large inland sea. The fortress was torn down after many of the remaining undead were destroyed following Decima’s War. The conversion of the fortress was intended to show the Coalition’s resolve to avoid conflict. The Terrace of the Millennial, stands at the center of the New Morwick and is the seat of government for the Triumvirate Coalition. Araneam Station, the central hub of the Vumus Rails is the largest train station in Azad and connects The Terrance to the various boroughs of New Morwick and to the cities of Freymere to the north, Easthill to the south-east, Caspartus to the far north, and Pelanna and Etrium to the west.

New Morick is divided into several boroughs:

The Terrace – The large square in the center of the city. Home to many of the three largest government buildings, among them the Senate, the Jurati, and the House of the Tribus. In the Terrace is are statues of Eberk, Quelenna, and Kristoff, the Coalition heroes of Decima’s War.

Osseus – The academic center of New Morwick. Home of the Great Library of Istus, Miskatoni University, and other record keeping, educational, and strange institutes.

Fornax – An industrialized district. Metal smelting and alchemical factories fill this region.

Versutia – The trading center of New Morwick. The craftsmen of the Great Halls are rivaled only by those in Freymere. Nearly anything can be purchased or sold in this district (legally or illegally). For those that know who to deal with, a “black market” traffics in stolen goods and those strongly regulated or outlawed by the Coalition.

Vermoegen – A residential district, home of the upper class citizens.

Flussuf – A residential district, home of the middle class citizens situated along Quelenna’s River bounding the south side of New Morwick.

Mos – A residential district, home of much of New Morwick’s mid to lower income citizens

Outskirts – Additional residences spread throughout the regions beyond the city limits. Some house the wealthiest of residence, others provide areas for homeless and lowest income residence to find shelter.

New Morwick

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