Nearly a millenium ago, a powerful necromancer, wizardess, and devoted follower of the undead god, Vecna, named Decima organized the cultists, lesser necromancers, and other followers of the undead god and called forth a great army. She prepared to wage war against the land of Azad in hopes of ruling the world as queen and sacrificing the people and land to allow Vecna to enter the material plane. The story of the great battle to end Decima’s War is now common lore, though many question how much the story has changed over the centuries and how much of what is “known” now is actually truth.

Legend has it that during the years in which Decima was gaining power, the dwarves, high elves, and humans of Azad formed an alliance to create their own army to confront the ever growing threat from Decima’s undead hordes. In the end, Decima and her followers were destroyed in a single great battle; however, the cost to the world was great. The damage wrought by the armies of undead and the alliance mages left great and lasting destruction. The desolate landscapes that remained after the great battle remains to this day and is termed simply, The Scar.

The coalition of races continued to use their influence to stamp out all of Vecna’s followers and expunge the stain of undeath from the land. From the alliance came the Triumvirate Coalition, an amalgamate of religious sects and governing organizations into a central government system which has led to a period of great advancement and peace. Zombie hunters and crusaders spread from the alliance cities and searched the land for animated undead, returning the tortured souls to rest. Necromancers and dark priests were hunted down should they be discovered. Over the next decades and centuries, the presence of unnatural undead became so rare that many believed the creatures to be eradicated, and the world began to settle into what seemed to be a lasting peace.

It is nearly a millennium since Decima’s defeat and, despite several attempts, the followers of Vecna have been unable to gain any footing in Azad. The stain of undeath which nearly swept over the entire world has remained nearly extinguished due to the vigilance of the Triumvirate Coalition. The world is now one unfriendly to any who show interest in the undead, and such desecration of the deceased is viewed by most as the most heinous of crimes.

In recent years, the occurrence of hauntings, poltergeists, and other strange phenomena attributed to the restless dead has increased, leading some to fear that the followers of Vecna have somehow regained their strength. The Triumvirate Coalition has done all it can to quell such speculation. Regardless of the eventual outcome, investigations into the poltergeists and hauntings continue without any explanation for their cause. It is in this paranoia and fearful confusion that our story begins, with a group of adventurers who have more in common than any of them might think or believe…

Adventures in Azad

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